iPhone 5 Replacement Spare Parts

iPhone 5 Replacement Spare Parts
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iPhone 5 Adhesive pack of 10

This is a special adhesive that is transparent which used to glue the glass to the LCD.As replacing ..


iPhone 5 Antenna flex for loudspeaker -70%

iPhone 5 Antenna flex for loudspeaker

This is a New antenna flex of iPhone 5 which is use to get cellular network.This part is radiating a..

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iPhone 5 Back Camera Lens

This is High Quality Camera lens of iPhone 5.This part contain camera ring for the back camera and c..


iPhone 5 Battery Connector

This is a small plastic connector on the logic board which connects the battery.If battery is not ch..


iPhone 5 bottom screw black Pack of 10 Pcs

This is a new and good quality bottom screws in BLACK for iPhone 5.It is come with pack of 10.If any..


iPhone 5 bottom screw silver Pack of 10 Pcs

Perfect bottom screws in SILVER for your iPhone 5 if you lost any of the existing screw.This bottom ..


iPhone 5 Front Camera Module

This is a font Camera module of iPhone 5 which includes front camera ,secondary microphone and proxi..


iPhone 5 Glass Lens with adhesive in Black

This is a brand new BLACK glass lens for iPhone 5.If glass on the top of your phone is crash or scra..


iPhone 5 Glass Lens with adhesive in White

This is High Quality Glass lens for iPhone 5 WHITE which comes with adhesive.Adhesive is used to glu..


iPhone 5 Home Button Black

This is the external black home button cover for the iPhone 5.The home button itself is just a piece..