iPhone 5C Replacement Spare Parts

iPhone 5C Replacement Spare Parts
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iPhone 5c power button Flex

This is a New power button flex for iPhone 5C which includes flex for power ,volume and silent/mute ..


iPhone 5C Back Camera Module

Perfect module of Main camera/Back camera for your iPhone 5C to get good quality of picture result.R..


iPhone 5C Black Charging USB Dock Port and Audio Jack Connector Flex

  Perfect replacement part if your iPhone 5C (Black) is not charging or connecting to the..


iPhone 5c front Camera

This is a front camera assembly of iPhone 5C which includes front camera, proximity sensor..


iPhone 5C Glass Lens Black -50%

iPhone 5C Glass Lens Black

This is a New glass lens in black for iPhone 5C.If your iPhone has suffered with problem like hard s..

£1.80 £0.90

iPhone 5C Glass Lens White -50%

iPhone 5C Glass Lens White

This spare part is perfect replacement for iPhone 5C if top glass of your phone having scratches or ..

£1.80 £0.90

iPhone 5c home button Flex internal

This is a internal flex cable for iPhone 5C which connect the home button to the logic board.To navi..


iPhone 5C Home Button in Black

This is outer plastic face of Black home button.If existing home button is damaged than you can repl..


iPhone 5C Loudspeaker Unit -17%

iPhone 5C Loudspeaker Unit

This replacement loudspeaker unit of iPhone 5C gives you Good Quality of Sound.You can play music in..

£4.48 £3.74

iPhone 5C OEM Wifi flex cable -15%

iPhone 5C OEM Wifi flex cable

This is brand new OEM WiFi flex cable for iPhone 5C.If WiFi or Bluetooth is not working as it should..

£1.93 £1.64

iPhone 5c Sim tray all colours

This is a new high quality SIM tray for iPhone 5C.It is comes in most of colors.If existing SIM tray..