iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Spare Parts

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iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Spare Parts
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iPhone 6 Plus 23pcs/set including all metal brackets and other small things

This is an ideal replacement set of internal metal brackets for iPhone 6 plus.These metal brackets p..


iPhone 6 Plus Charging Flex

This is a new Charging flex for iPhone 6 plus.This charging dock and flex cable is found at the base..


iPhone 6 Plus ear piece

This is a Good Quality earpiece speaker for iPhone 6 plus.It is used to listen to the voice of the o..


iPhone 6 Plus front Camera

This is a brand new front camera module with flex for iPhone 6 plus.This cable includes,Front camera..


iPhone 6 Plus GPS cable

This is a New GPS cable for iPhone 6 Plus.This part solve the problem of your iPhone related to GPS...


iPhone 6 Plus home button completed

Ideal replacement home button assembly for iPhone 6 plus.This home button assembly includes, Home bu..


iPhone 6 Plus home button mid long Flex

This is a perfect replacement home button mid long flex for iPhone 6 plus.It connects the home butto..


iPhone 6 Plus LCD metal holder

This is a High Quality LCD metal frame/Holder for iPhone 6 plus.This LCD metal holder spreads h..


iPhone 6 Plus power Flex

This is a new power flex cable with flashlight for iPhone 6 plus.If you press power button and nothi..


iPhone 6 Plus rear Camera

Perfect replacement rear/back/main camera module for iPhone 6 plus.If camera result is blurred , not..