iPhone 6S Replacement Spare Parts

iPhone 6S Replacement Spare Parts
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iPhone 6s Charging Flex

This is a perfect replacement Charging/Lightning connector flex cable for iPhone 6S.If your iPhone h..


iPhone 6s Front Camera

This is a perfect front camera assembly for iPhone 6s.This assembly includes,Front camera for selfie..


iPhone 6s Power Flex

Perfect replacement power flex for iPhone 6s.It includes flex for power buttons and flashlight.If th..


iPhone 6s Ringer Buzzer

This is a great quality of loudspeaker/Ringer buzzer for iPhone 6s.If your iPhone having noisy sound..


iPhone 6s Screw Set

This is a complete screw set for iPhone 6S.If you lost or damaged any screw of your iPhone than it i..


iPhone 6s/6s Plus Home Flex

Perfect replacement home button assembly for iPhone 6S and 6S plus.This assembly includes home butto..


iPhone 6s/6s Plus Sim Tray

This is an ideal replacement SIM tray which comes in good quality.It compatible with iPhone 6S and 6..