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If you are looking for wholesale or bulk blank CD and DVD in the UK, we offer the best prices. Find your CD or DVD from our blank CD & DVD category.

Brand: Maxell Model: DVD-R 25 Shrink Pack
DVD-R is a write-once format, suitable for recording with DVD-R video recorder or DVD-R drive for PC Compatible for playback with most DVD Players and DVD-ROM Drives DVD-R compatible for up to 16X speed Storage capacity of 4.7GB Recording time up to 120 minutes in standard mode..
Brand: MyMedia Model: 3940
Specifications:Volume - 700MBSpeed - 52xNumber of discs - 10 pcs..
Brand: MyMedia Model: 3941
Specifications:Volume - 4.7GBSpeed - 16xNumber of discs - 10 pcs..
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