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Compatible Batteries for iPad/Tablet

If you are looking for wholesale or bulk Generic High Quality batteries compatible with iPad & Tablet in the UK, we offer the best prices for Generic high quality batteries for iPhone & Samsung Mobile Phones. Find your battery from our compatible batteries mobiles category. 

SKU: 2145 Weight: 173.00g
High-quality Ven Dens Replacement Internal battery for iPad MiniBattery Details:-RoHS CompliantFCC CompliantCE CompliantRecyclableSpecifications:Capacity - 6471mAhBattery Type - Li-ion Polymer BatteryVoltage - 3.75vCompatibility - iPad Mini 2..
£5.00 RRP: £20.00
SKU: 2146 Weight: 147.00g
High-quality Ven Dens Replacement Internal battery for iPad Mini 3/4Battery Details:-RoHS CompliantFCC CompliantCE CompliantRecyclableSpecifications:Capacity - 5124mAhBattery Type - Li-ion Polymer BatteryVoltage - 3.82vCompatibility - iPad Mini 3/4..
£5.00 RRP: £20.00
SKU: 2147 Weight: 236.00g
High-quality Replacement Internal battery for iPad 2Battery Details:-RoHS CompliantFCC CompliantCE CompliantRecyclableSpecifications:Capacity - 6500mAhBattery Type - Li-ion Polymer BatteryVoltage - 3.8vCompatibility - iPad 2..
£5.00 RRP: £20.00
SKU: 2151 Weight: 215.00g
High-quality Replacement Internal battery for iPad Pro 9.7"Battery Details :-RoHS CompliantFCC CompliantCE CompliantRecyclableSpecifications:Capacity - 7306mAhBattery Type - Li-ion Polymer BatteryVoltage  - 3.8vCompatibility - iPad Pro 9.7"..
£5.00 RRP: £25.00
SKU: 2152 Weight: 233.00g
High-quality Replacement Internal battery for iPad Pro 10.5"Battery Details : - RoHS CompliantFCC CompliantCE CompliantRecyclableSpecificationsCapacity  - 8134mAhBattery Type  - Li-ion Polymer BatteryVoltage  - 3.77vCompatibility  - iPad Pro 10.5"..
£5.00 RRP: £25.00
SKU: 15324 Weight: 150.00g
Highlights:Replacement battery perfectly matches the specifications of your cell phone battery.Before you repair, discharge your phone battery to 20% and turn off.During the installation process play attention to the battery connector making sure it aligns precisely with the device.The new Li-ion po..
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