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Audio/Video Adapter for Samsung Phone

SKU: 1136 Model: ET-W12
Description:Earldom W12 HDMI Type-C Cable is a product that supports converting images from your smartphone via USB Type-C to TVs, monitors, projectors.Products up to 2m in length are convenient to carry out to office conferences or watch movies in home cinema rooms and events.In addition, it suppor..
SKU: 1137 Model: ET-W13
Description:3in1 HDMI Cable Earldom W13 (4K Resolution, Built-in 3 Lightning Heads, Micro, Type-C)3in1 HDMI Cable Earldom W13 is a convenient product that helps you transfer pictures from your smartphone to a TV, monitor, projector, ... with 4K resolution.The converter cable is shielded and multi-la..
SKU: 1231 Model: MH028
Features:-3.5mm male to dual female stereo audio cables support dual 3.5mm earphonesProduct Information:-Model - MH028Interface - 3.5mmCompatible with 3.5mm Audio port Devices (Headset, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Computer, Speaker)..
SKU: 1518 Model: 1518
FeaturesSupports USB-C input and HDMI outputSupports DisplayPort 1.2 AltmodeSupports per lane data rates of 2.7Gbps (HBR) and 1.62Gbps (RBR)Supports content protection of HDCPSupports HDMI resolution max up to 4KX2KUSB bus power (no external power supply)15cm lead..
SKU: 1519 Model: 1519
FeaturesEfficiently view your laptop or desktop content on an VGA-compliant display with this handy adaptor. Compact in size and light in weight, this adaptor is easy to carry during travel and for important presentations. Works well with USB-C equipped systems like tablet, laptop, phone and VGA mon..
SKU: 1552 Model: ET-AUX201
Brand - EarldomConnectors - 3.5mmPorts - 2*3.5mmCable Length - 38cmWeight - 15g..
SKU: 4383 Model: TECH526501
FeaturesUse to connect a smartphone or tablet to a Mac or PC with a USB-C port for sync and charge operations or to a USB-C power adapter for charging via a wall socket...
SKU: 4384 Model: TECH526502
FeaturesUse the USB-C to Micro USB 3.0 cable to connect a USB 3.0 hard disk drive to a Mac or PC with a USB-C port for a superspeed data transfer rate of up to 5.0GbpsCharging and data syncingNickel Plated..
SKU: 4394 Model: TECH710752
FeaturesThe MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) Adapter is an accessory made with one purpose in mind, to connect your MHL Host (Phone or Tablet) to your HDTV for viewing content on a larger screen. This state-of-the-art technology connects your MHL Host to your monitor or TV from the Micro USB port t..
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