Wholesale Computer Cleaning Kit

Wholesale Computer Cleaning Kit
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HiPoint 400ml Can Air Duster

Hi Point Air Duster, Compressed gas to remove debris and dirt from hard to reach areas. Larger size ..


Wet Cleaning Wipes

Professional care cleaning wipes ..


Falcon Air Duster 300ML

Features 300ml. Unlike other canned air products, Falcon Air Duster is 100% ozone safe and con..


Falcon Monitor Wipes 24 Pack

Features Antistatic Monitor Wipes are ideal for cleaning your CRT, Laptop or other computer scree..


Colorway Air Duster 500ML

Compressed Gas Duster is a multi-purpose duster that is great for cleaning electronic equipment and ..


Falcon Monitor Wipes 35 Pack

FeaturesAnti-Static Monitor Wipes are Alcohol-Free and help in maintaining a clean and clear viewing..


Falcon Monitor Wipes 80 Pack

FeaturesThe Anti-Static Monitor Wipes from Falcon makes it easy to clean your monitor, one of the mo..


Falcon Smart Phone/ Tablet Cleaning Kit

Your Tablet is your vital tool for information at work and at play. Keep it clean by removing dirt, ..


Falcon Shammy + Plasma Cleaning Spray Kit (88138)

Falcon LCD/Plasma Screen Care Kit . Completely safe for LCD/Plasma ,Laptop, Notebook,PDA and monitor..


Falcon Micro-Fibre Screen Shammy

FeaturesSuede-like microfiber cleaning cloth safely removes dust, lint and smudges from sensitive la..


Falcon 50ML Screen Spray

FeaturesLCD and Plasma Cleaning Spray. Completely safe to clean ALL screen technology including, lar..