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Spare Parts for Samsung Phone Devices

Spare Parts for Samsung Phone Devices
SKU: 5965
This is a speaker assembly for Samsung Galaxy S2.This part includes headphone jack, Earpiece speaker and vibrator.It can help you for many problems which are following,You will be unable to hear a caller when they talk,Will not play music through the earphones,Your phone is in vi..
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SKU: 6009
This is a high quality front camera module for Samsung Galaxy S3.This new front camera module can solve various following problems of your phone.Front camera take fuzzy pictures,Problems in face time calls and video chat,Your smartphone capture blurry photos,Shadow line in image,Photos are..
£1.94 £2.24
SKU: 6067
This is a volume flex for Samsung Galaxy S3.This volume flex include earpiece speaker also.If you can not hear the other person on the other end of line when on call or audio cuts then replace with this part to listen clear voice again.This part can also solve the problem re..
SKU: 5946
This is a GENUINE charging port for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500.This is charging connector which is use for charging of phone and synchronization with PC.Replacement of this part require soldering at board level.This Dock/Charging port is soldered on to the logic board/motherboard...
SKU: 5945
This is a Charging flex for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505.Replace existing charging flex of your phone with this new part to restore the functionality of it if your phone having below issues.Your phone would not hold the charge,There is no issue with battery and Charger,Phone can not charge or random..
SKU: 6010
This is a new Front camera module for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505.Replace damage camera module with this good quality of camera module to take clear picture again.This part will help you in below problems of front camera if there is no software issue in your phone.Can not take pictures with front c..
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SKU: 5978
This is a headphone jack flex for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505.In below problems related to earphone/headphone this part will help you to solve it.You can not hear any sound through headphone,Headphone jack is physically damaged,You can hear only in one headphone or noisy sound in earphone. ..
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SKU: 6070
This is a premium Adhesive for LCD frame for Samsung Galaxy S4.This part can provides strong and tough adhesion.During replacement of LCD and digitizer you need this adhesive as old one is become dusty.Before replacing the Digitizer assembly clear out the frame from all the old adhesive.Applied..
SKU: 6077
This is an excellent quality part for Samsung Galaxy S4.This part is located at bottom of the phone which attached to the mid frame.In below problems this part can work perfectly.Low sound or no sound at external speaker,Noisy or crackled sound,External speaker is physically damage,Speaker is b..
SKU: 6068
This is an audio Mic IC for Samsung Galaxy S4.It is responsible for Microphone and speaker.Replacement of this part require micro soldering at board level.This part is soldered on the motherboard PCB of your phone. ..
SKU: 6085
This is a great quality Mic IC for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.If microphone of your phone is not working as it should then this may be the part you need.Replacement of this part require soldering on motherboard PCB...
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