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Spare Parts for Galaxy Note 1

Spare Parts for Galaxy Note 1
SKU: 6200
This is a new signal antenna cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.In below problems of your phone related to network and signal this part is ideal replacement.Phone keeps disconnecting from WiFi,Keeps Searching for network,Not connecting to WiFi,Continuous signal dropping,WiFi reception is very..
SKU: 6188
This is a main camera lens cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.This part is rests on the top of the camera for protecting purpose.It is a lens cover housing of front camera.Damage of this part give cloudy and blurry result of your camera. To avoid this replace old one with this new great quality pa..
SKU: 6195
This is a great quality front camera module with flex for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.This part is protected with upper display assembly bracket on logic board near the headphone jack/earpiece speaker assembly.If your phone facing following problems related to front camera and there is no s..
SKU: 6189
This is an excellent clarity adhesive for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.This adhesive is used to stick the front screen and front frame cover...
SKU: 6191
This is an inner frame cover of LCD for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.If any damage occur to this LCD holder frame then replace it with this new LCD front frame...
SKU: 6194
This is an outer front glass lens for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.This part also include adhesive to stick it with LCD screen.If glass of your phone is cracked or broken and LCD still work normal then this may be the part you will need.Replacement of this part will give new look to your phone...
SKU: 6196
This is a loudspeaker ringer unit for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.It is found at bottom of your device.In following loudspeaker problem of your phone this part is ideal replacement.Loudspeaker is randomly working,It has very low volume or distorted sound,Noisy sound or no sound...
SKU: 6197
This is a new memory card reader with great quality for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.This part is soldered on logic board near SIM card reader.To replace it micro soldering is require.If your phone having below problem then replace this item.Memory card reader is not accessible ,Memory card reader is ..
SKU: 6187
This is an audio microphone IC for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.Replacement of this part need micro soldering in logic board.This part is soldered on the motherboard...
SKU: 6192
This is a new power IC for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.This IC is found in logic board near the battery connector and backside of SIM card reader.Replacement of this part require soldering at board level.If your phone having any problem related to charging and there is no issue of battery or charging flex..
SKU: 6193
This is a new keypad touch sensor flex for Samsung Galaxy Note 1.This flex connect home button and two soft button to the logic board.If these button become stiff, randomly work or delay in response and there is no sign of physical damage on the home button then this may be the part you need to..
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