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Spare Parts for Galaxy S5 Mini

Spare Parts for Galaxy S5 Mini
SKU: 6137
This is an antenna cable for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.It is responsible for WiFi network on your phone.If there is no software problems in your phone then this part work in any issue related to WiFi.In below problems of WiFi this part is help you to solve problems of your phone.WiFi network not f..
SKU: 6125
This is a main camera module for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.This camera module help you in solving below problems of your phone.Camera is not accessible,Photos are dark,Can not take photos,Blurry area or shadow line in image..
SKU: 6127
This is a new charging flex for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.This charging flex includes Charging Socket, Microphone or Mic IC and navigation button's soft key.If your phone having below problems then this may be the part you need to replace.Phone does not give any response when charger is connected,..
SKU: 6132
This is an good quality front camera module for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.This front camera module will work as original and solve below problems.Problem in video call and taking selfies,Colors seems to be washed out ,Picture comes out partly crash,Blurry or distorted output of front camera.V..
SKU: 6124
This is a high quality adhesive for LCD front frame for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.This adhesive give strong and tough adhesion.Before using this new adhesive remove all old from frame.This adhesive stick your LCD screen to the Front housing frame your phone...
SKU: 6128
This is a new LCD front frame for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.It is the frame where LCD screen sits.If front housing frame of your phone is broken or cracked replace it with this new part...
SKU: 6134
This is a card reader flex for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.This flex includes memory card reader and SIM card reader.If any card reader of your phone is damage or not working as it should then replace faulty card reader flex with this new part...
SKU: 6121
This is a Mic or Microphone IC for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.It is soldered on to the board.Micro soldering at board level is require to replace this IC...
SKU: 6136
This is a rear frame with camera lens for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.It is plastic rear frame which secured to the display assembly.It is middle frame of rear housing which includes camera lens so this part also solve the problem of scratch lens...
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