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Spare Parts for Galaxy S5

Spare Parts for Galaxy S5
SKU: 6118
This is the antenna cable for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is responsible for WiFi cell signal reception in your phone.If your phone having weak WiFi signal or can not establish a WiFi connection then replace this cable.It is easy to replace this part...
SKU: 6002
This is the Main/Back camera for Samsung Galaxy S5.Replace old camera module of your phone with this part if you facing following problems.You take a picture and end up with a black screen,Photos are dark,Camera app keeps freezing,Pictures are not clear,Pictures comes out blurry or shadow ..
£10.04 £11.58
SKU: 5947
This is a new charging flex for Samsung Galaxy S5.This flex contains below parts.Charging socket,Two Antenna connections,Microphone IC andSoft key for navigation button.So just replacing one flex cable following three problems are solved.Phone would not charge or slowly charge,Microphone i..
£4.35 £5.22
SKU: 5980
This is a ideal replacement earphone/headphone jack with flex for Samsung Galaxy S5.If you hear noisy sound output from your headphone while plug in to your phone then replace old headphone jack with this part.Damage headphone jack give you crackled sound through Headphone/Earphone.This part is..
£0.96 £1.11
SKU: 6114
This is an Ear speaker for Samsung Galaxy S5.If this part in your phone is damaged then you can not hear a caller voice when they talk.Replace old one of your phone with this new Ear speaker which give you crystal clear voice call...
SKU: 6106
This is a Mic IC for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is responsible for not working microphone.If microphone of your phone is damage due to water or dust interference replace this IC.This IC located in charging flex assembly near the charging socket...
SKU: 6116
This is a new flex of power button for Samsung Galaxy S5.This flex connects the physical power button to the Logic board.If power button become non responsive or stiff and no problems with external physical power button then replace old faulty flex with this new power button flex cable.Thi..
SKU: 6111
This is a new Power IC for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is soldered on logic board/motherboard at left side of your phone just above the home button cable socket.Any problems of your phone as below and there is no issue of battery and charging socket then this may be the part you need to replace.P..
SKU: 6112
This is a home button with flex cable for Samsung Galaxy S5.If home button switch/key of your phone is becomes stiff, needs to pressed very hard or delay in response then this is the part you need to replace.The home button flex cable socket is located just above the loudspeaker. ..
SKU: 6119
This is a new vibrator motor with great quality for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is located at top right of your phone near the main camera.If your phone is randomly vibrates or no longer vibrates in silent mode and there is no software issue then this is the part you need.Replace old vibrator with thi..
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