Galaxy S5 Spare Parts

Galaxy S5 Spare Parts
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Samsung S5 antenna signal cable

This is the antenna cable for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is responsible for WiFi cell signal reception in ..


Samsung S5 Camera -13%

Samsung S5 Camera

This is the Main/Back camera of Samsung Galaxy S5.Replace old camera module of your phone with ..

£11.58 £10.04

Samsung S5 Charging Flex -17%

Samsung S5 Charging Flex

This is a new charging flex for Samsung Galaxy S5.This flex contains below parts.Charging socke..

£5.22 £4.35

Samsung S5 Handsfree Flex -14%

Samsung S5 Handsfree Flex

This is a ideal replacement earphone/headphone jack with flex for Samsung Galaxy S5.If you hear..

£1.11 £0.96

Samsung S5 loudSpeaker unit

This is an Ear speaker for Samsung Galaxy S5.If this part in your phone is damaged then you can not ..


Samsung S5 Mic IC

This is a Mic IC for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is responsible for not working microphone.If micropho..


Samsung S5 power Flex

This is a new flex of power button for Samsung Galaxy S5.This flex connects the physical p..


Samsung S5 power ic

This is a new Power IC for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is soldered on logic board/motherboard at left ..


Samsung S5 sensor Flex with trackpad Flex

This is a home button with flex cable for Samsung Galaxy S5.If home button switch/key of your p..


Samsung S5 vibrator

This is a new vibrator motor with great quality for Samsung Galaxy S5.It is located at top righ..