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Spare Parts for Galaxy S6 Edge

SKU: 6181 Model: 6181
This is an excellent quality WiFi antenna cable for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.If you facing any WiFi problems in your phone and there is no software issue then replace WiFi cable from your phone with this part...
SKU: 6176 Model: 6176
This is a front camera module for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.In below problems of your phone this part is help you to solve it.Camera producing blurry or cloudy image,Your camera take fuzzy pictures,Camera is not accessible,Photos are dark,Spots on your photos...
SKU: 6177 Model: 6177
This is a new high quality loudspeaker for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.If external speaker of your phone does not give any sound or distorted sound then replace it with this new part...
SKU: 6179 Model: 6179
This is a power flex for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.It connects the physical power button to the logic board.If power button of your phone does not work as it should then replace power button flex cable with this new flex...
SKU: 6174 Model: 6174
This is a home button fingerprint sensor flex for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.This flex includes home button face with metal ring and flex which connect home button to the logic board.It is attached with display frame.In any problems of home button this part will work perfectly. ..
SKU: 6182 Model: 6182
This is a new SIM card reader for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.It needs to be soldered on to the logic board of your phone.If your phone is unable to detect a SIM card and display error 'Please Insert SIM' or any other error related to SIM card then remove old SIM card reader of your phone and solder..
SKU: 6183 Model: 6183
This is an ideal replacement Ear Speaker for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.It is for listening the voice of other person while the handset is held up to your ear.This part also include microphone which use for noise cancelling.During a call if you can not hear any voice or voice come with noise t..
SKU: 6184 Model: 6184
This is a new vibrator motor for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.It is located at top left side of your phone.If your phone does not Shake or Vibrate when receiving notifications of call and massage in silent mode then this is the part you need to replace.So to receive silent notifications again about&n..
SKU: 6185 Model: 6185
This is a volume and power key set for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.These are external physical volume and power button of your phone.Volume buttons are used to adjust volume and power button for turn the phone ON or OFF and lock your phone...
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