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Spare Parts for Galaxy S6

SKU: 6147 Model: 6147
This is an excellent quality Back/Main/Rear Camera for Samsung Galaxy S6.In below problems of your phone you can replace with this camera module.Camera giving blurred images,Photos are not clear,Spots or shadow line in picture,Camera is not accessible...
SKU: 6154 Model: 6154
This is a new replacement front camera module for Samsung Galaxy S6.It is help you in below problems of your phone if there is no software issue.Switching from main camera to front give a black screen,Camera is producing blurry or cloudy pictures,Not taking clear pictures,Difficulty i..
SKU: 6150 Model: 6150
This is a LCD front fame for Samsung Galaxy S6.It is LCD front frame bracket where the LCD screen sits.It would attach to the opposite side of frame covering the LCD. ..
SKU: 6155 Model: 6155
This is a Loudspeaker unit for Samsung Galaxy S6.It is located at bottom right of your phone in rear case.If your phone having issue related to low quality sound or no sound from external speaker then replace old one with his new great quality loudspeaker...
SKU: 6157 Model: 6157
This is a power flex for Samsung Galaxy S6.It connects physical power button to the logic board.If Power button of your phone is become stiff or not working as it should then replace old power flex with this new one.Replacement of this spare part restore the functionality of power button.  ..
SKU: 6152 Model: 6152
This is a Home button finger sensor flex for Samsung Galaxy S6.This part is sits in display frame at bottom side.If home menu button of your phone is does not respond as it should or it needs to press quite hard then replace it with this new one to restore it's functionality...
SKU: 6160 Model: 6160
This is a SIM card reader for Samsung Galaxy S6.If your phone display error  ' SIM card not found ' or SIM card is unable to detect then this may be the part you need to replace...
SKU: 6161 Model: 6161
This is an Ear speaker with flex for Samsung Galaxy S6.This part also include microphone for noise canceling.This speaker is used to hear a voice of person while your phone is held up to your ear.When you can not hear any voice or you hear a lot of noise during answer a phone then thi..
SKU: 6162 Model: 6162
This is a vibrator motor for Samsung Galaxy S6.This part makes your phone shakes when call or message received if your phone is in vibration/silent mode.If your phone vibrate randomly or vibration is not effective then replace old vibrator with this new one and restore it's functional..
SKU: 6163 Model: 6163
This is an external volume and power key set for Samsung Galaxy S6.Power button is on right side of the phone toward the top and volume buttons are on opposite side of it.If from these any physical button of your phone is damage then replace it with this new button.   ..
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